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Fly the Difference

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The way you travel is defined by who you are, your reason to fly and who you choose to fly with. When you charter a flight with Dunhill Aviation we begin a very personal journey with you, to understand your requirements and those you travel with. The Dunhill Difference is that we take a bespoke approach to our clientele, recognising that no two clients are the same, or even similar.

From the moment you make contact to arrange your aviation experience with us, we focus on every aspect of your flight - before take-off, during your journey and even after you land. We have a truly international reach, opening up a world of exceptional aircraft at your disposal, so let us take you higher in a manner that illustrates how detail defines the Dunhill Difference. 


As a Team of aviation experts with decades of experience in chartering private aircraft, we understand that needs can be complex and unique. Individuals choose to charter for all manner of reasons, which is why we have created a comprehensive global network of options and opportunities to fly the very best aircraft, whether you're travelling on business or pleasure. Dunhill Aviation caters for any and all requirements: we tailor itineraries from door-to-door, chartering from an exceptional fleet of planes, helicopters and more. 


With an unsurpassable Charter Brokerage Service that literally connects Dunhill Aviation to thousands of operators the world over, we charter jets and aircraft of all shapes and sizes, from compact four-seaters to airliners that can accommodate almost 400 people. Manufacturers of distinction include Airbus, Bombardier, Dassault Falcon, Boeing, Gulfstream and Pilatus to name but a few. Whether a helicopter or turboprop for versatile manoeuvrability, or an airliner that can carry a community in the sky, we have it covered. 


First and foremost, Dunhill Aviation's service is built on a collective understanding of excellence in aviation. We have assembled a team of individuals dedicated to ensuring that customers are not merely satisfied with our service, but delighted. From the moment you, or your representatives, make contact we'll work tirelessly to ensure that we understand your profile and that of your guests, and do everything to deliver, without delay or fuss. In flying you thousands of miles on board, Dunhill Aviation always goes that extra mile to serve. 


We want to understand your needs and when you're looking for different options, in terms of aircraft, routes, and onboard services, we can advise, recommend and book. We have limitless global resources and partners at our disposal, including other means of transport, such as limousine companies, as well as access to international Concierge services.

To make an enquiry with Dunhill Aviation, simply fill in the form on the ENQUIRE page, call us on 0208 0505043 or email

Find out what the Dunhill Difference means to you. 

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Being seasoned experts in the aviation industry, we understand that you have a specific itinerary to maintain when travelling. The importance of flexibility is reflected in the large fleet of aircraft we can access which is suitable for every event and occasion.

When accessing our bespoke service, you can be confident of finding the right aircraft with all the amenities you need for luxurious and convenient air travel.

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We want to ensure that when using our private charter flights, your every requirement is catered for. We’ll provide you with a one-to-one service which guarantees every aspect of your flight is transparent, and any queries you may have regarding the booking are answered immediately.

Regardless of whether this is your first time enlisting the services of a private charter flight or you are a seasoned traveller, we realise that you may have questions. If this is the case, then why not reach out via our enquiry page today?

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