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Flying privately by charter with Dunhill Aviation brings a level of luxury, comfort and convenience that lets you enjoy your journey - away from the stresses of crowded airports and long queues. Simply, you get to travel just how you want, and the way you spend time in the air is a significant factor in determining the aircraft we will advise and secure in your name. 

There may be occasions when travelling on business that your aircraft needs to act as an Office-in-the-Sky, with all the amenities of a working environment on the ground: we can facilitate that. Conversely, it's an opportunity for family time to relax and unwind with loved ones and friends, starting your holiday in style. Whatever the reason, Dunhill Aviation lets you charter your way. 


High-flyers are rarely in one place too long. The demands of the business world mean that inter-continental travel is essential, and that time spent in the air is just another place to conduct business, whether that is holding meetings, working on initiatives, or taking care of day-to-day bureaucracies. 

When chartering a flight for corporate travel, we'll help to focus on your single most precious commodity during your time with us - time itself. From picking you up in the departure city, to dropping you at your final destination, Dunhill Aviation ensures that the smooth running of your business operation is in no way impeded: in fact, we'll show how it makes business sense to fly Dunhill!  


From the moment you start your journey with Dunhill Aviation, you can relax. We'll pick you up, sweep you past the hordes of airport travellers and treat you like a VIP every step of the way, escorting you to the cabin of your luxury private aircraft. You might be taking a romantic break with a partner, or travelling with the whole family, with members young and old. Whatever the dynamic, we'll make the flight an experience to remember for all parties. 

Once on board, you can enjoy a host of available entertainments, and we can arrange for you to wine and dine in style, with bespoke menus prepared by great local chefs. In our completely personalised service, we'll take you wherever you need to be, from the Mediterranean's white sand beaches to shopping the world's fashion capitals. Let Dunhill Aviation take you further.  


Chartering a flight for more than one individual or family, brings myriad benefits. Not only can you share costs over a wider group, but you can also reduce the time and hassle of moving a larger collection of people that may include children, the elderly and even pets. Dunhill Aviation has the ability to cater for significant groups, which might also be corporate or governmental, as well as those looking to holiday together, common today amongst friends and family. 

The Dunhill Difference means that we apply the same exacting standards of service to larger groups of people as we do to a single individual. We build itineraries around departures and arrivals, and explore the needs of all those travelling, to provide a very bespoke service that caters for all. So whether on business, or leisure, we'll treat your group as a collection of VIPs. 


Pets are very much a part of your family, and in recent times, we have seen an increasing number of clients request charter jets for their canine and feline loved ones - and occasionally animals much more exotic than cats and dogs. Travelling commercially excludes pets from the cabin, insisting on holding them as cargo, but on a Dunhill Aviation charter flight your pets can sit right up front beside you, providing all documentation is up to date and relevant to the country of your destination. 

Depending on the company that we charter on your behalf, pets will be treated like royalty, with dedicated accommodation, their own In-flight catering to include a menu of specially prepared pet meals, snacks and drinks. Professional pet care may even be available with services that include grooming, training, and even medical assistance. This is essential for pets that may have special needs, or require additional care and attention during a flight.  


Medevac charter aircraft are often required at a time of emergency or crisis for patients involved in an accident, or perhaps flying for a more long-term planned procedure. More than any other time in journeying with us, such a client will need minimal fuss, and maximum assurance that all aspects of their travel are taken care of, with comfort and convenience assured 100%. Dunhill Aviation offers just that.

Speed, accessibility, comfort and privacy are essential in chartering a plane, helicopter or other form of transport for Medevac and can be especially beneficial in emergency situations where time is of the essence, and ground transportation may not be a viable option. At Dunhill Aviation, we handle all Medevac scenarios with responsiveness, sensitivity and the utmost discretion. 


For government, diplomatic and even military officials, sometimes the most effective way to travel is to charter an aircraft for reasons of confidentiality and access to geographically remote areas. In emergency response situations, such as natural disasters or political unrest, authorities may charter jets to transport supplies, equipment and personnel to affected areas, providing aid to those most in need.

Additionally, on Diplomatic Missions, such as peace talks or negotiations, government officials may be required to travel to other countries without public knowledge of their movements or activities. Chartering a jet with Dunhill Aviation provides a versatile, secure and very private means of transportation, allowing government travel without interference or interruption, where discretion is assured. 


Travelling by private charter is a necessary way of life for many media and entertainment figures, due to being unable to journey on more public means of transport. Very often, celebrities, artists, actors and musicians will also have hectic schedules due to creative ventures such as music tours and publicity for films. It means different parts of the world, every day, over weeks, and maybe even months. 

Dunhill Aviation has the flexibility and scope of service to react quickly to the need for a single flight, or to arrange complex schedules that might mean travelling daily for long periods at a time. Our service is private and discrete, and we look to meet the onboard needs of extraordinary individuals, and their entourage. When VIPs travel with Dunhill we rise to the requirements of a fast-paced world with aplomb. 


Dunhill Aviation is often called upon to charter jets and other aircraft to transport a wide range of cargo, from medical equipment and high-value goods to perishable items, and even sensitive documentation. Urgent Medical requirements can require a direct response to travel , including surgical instruments, medicines , and even organs for transplant. This is especially important in emergency situations where time is of the essence. 

High value goods such as artwork, jewellery, and precious metals may require the exceptional levels of security and privacy that a private charter aircraft offers. We can also provide planes equipped with refrigeration units, making them ideal for transporting perishable goods like food or pharmaceuticals. The flexibility and efficiency of working with Dunhill Aviation in this regard makes us the right choice for transporting cargo quickly and securely - whatever it is, wherever it's going!

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