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Chartering a private helicopter makes sense when there are specific objectives to fulfil. The fact that helicopters can lift-and-land vertically means that they can navigate smaller spaces than planes, providing more options for landing in remote or hard-to-access areas. Flying directly to a destination avoids traffic and other obstacles, which further saves time and increases efficiency.

Flying by helicopter also comes with a certain cachet, as the favoured mode of transport for VIPs and celebrities. All of which ties in with Dunhill Aviation's commitment to providing a very personalised service, developed to give each of our travelling guests a heightened sense of privacy, comfort and security.

The Dunhill Aviation Fleet incorporates the following Helicopter makes, amongst others: Airbus, Eurocopter and Augusta. 



As an additional option for privately chartered flights, Turboprops come with their own unique characteristics, which drive a number of benefits. Turboprop aircraft are typically more fuel-efficient than jets, which can lead to cost savings and lower emissions. They can take off and land on shorter runways than jets, making them ideal for accessing smaller airports and more remote destinations.


Surprisingly, Turboprops also offer a quieter and smoother ride than smaller aircraft such as jets, and deliver an exceptionally comfortable flying experience. With a range of over 1,000 miles, Turboprops are also suitable for short to medium-haul flights, which is ideal for private charter customers who are looking for an efficient, comfortable, and cost effective way to travel significant distances.


The Dunhill Aviation Fleet incorporates the following Turboprops, amongst others: Pilatus PC12, King air 350 and Daher TBM 940



Light jets offer an excellent private charter option thanks to their speed, range, and versatility. With the ability to fly at high altitudes, and speeds of up to 500mph, light jets are perfect for individuals and groups who need to reach their destination quickly and efficiently. This is enhanced by their capacity to fly into smaller airports, reducing travel time and eliminating the need for lengthy ground transfers. Light jets are also very flexible and can be configured to accommodate varying numbers of passengers, ranging from 4-8, dependant on specific models. 

Light jets invariably offer a comfortable and luxurious flying experience. They are designed with spacious interiors, premium seating and amenities such as Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, and in-flight catering.

With Dunhill Aviation, private charter customers can customise their light jet experience, choosing their own catering, entertainment, and other preferences to ensure a personal, enjoyable experience.

The Dunhill Aviation Fleet incorporates the following Light jets, amongst others: Embraer Phenom 100/300, Cessna Citation CJ3/4, Pilatus PC24.



Midsize jets offer an exceptional flight experience for 6-10 passengers, making them an ideal option for small to medium sized groups. The flight range is also significant. This varies, depending on the specific model and manufacturer, but as a general rule, midsize jets typically have a range of around 2,500 to 3,500 nautical miles. This allows for non-stop travel to many popular destinations, making them suitable for both short and medium-haul flights.

Midsize jets are also known for their reliability and safety. They come equipped with advanced avionics systems and undergo rigorous maintenance checks to ensure they are always in excellent condition. Fast, reliable, safe, and suitable for a variety of distance hauls, Midsize jets provide a smooth, effortless way to travel by air.

The Dunhill Aviation Fleet incorporates the following Midsize jets, amongst others: Cessna Citation XLS/Latitude, Gulfstream 280 and Embraer Legacy 450



Super Midsize jets are a step up from traditional Midsize aircraft, offering even more room, comfort, and versatility. Typically seating between 8-12 passengers, they provide ample space, while also offering greater baggage capacity. With a range of up to 4,500 nautical miles. Super Midsize jets can travel non-stop from New York to London, or Los Angeles to Tokyo, without need to land and re-fuel, eliminating the inconvenience and costs of layovers and connecting flights.

Fast, efficient and comfortable, Super Midsize jets are invariably equipped with the latest technologies and amenities, and often incorporate a full-sized galley for preparing freshly-cooked dishes.

With all these benefits, and more, it is no surprise that Super Midsize jets are a popular choice for private charter among business-travellers, families, and individuals seeking a luxurious, spacious travel experience. 

The Dunhill Aviation Fleet incorporates the following Super Midsize jets, amongst others: Bombardier Challenger 300, Cessna Citation Longitude and Embraer Legacy 500/600.



Global jets provide a luxurious and exclusive way to travel internationally, and are often regarded as the ultimate choice in private charter aircraft. With the ability to travel non-stop for up to 12 hours, they can reach destinations that are simply not in the range of smaller aircraft. Global jets are also equipped with the latest technologies, including advanced avionics, Wi-Fi, and satellite communication systems. This allows passengers to stay connected during their flight, with the ability to work and even conduct business meetings.

Renowned for their exceptional comfort and amenities, Global jets boast spacious cabins, comfortable seating and ample legroom, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Many Global jets feature luxurious amenities such as king-size beds, showers, and gourmet kitchen galleys, making them more like palaces in the sky, than traditional jets.


For those who value the very best in travel, a Global jet is the perfect way to reach any destination in the world. 

The Dunhill Aviation Fleet incorporates the following Global jets, amongst others: Dassault Falcon 7X/8X, Bombardier Challenger 605/650, Bombardier Global 6000/7500 and Gulfstream 500/650ER/700.



When we think of chartering an aircraft, it is more often than not the image of a luxurious, smaller jet that comes to mind, and Dunhill Aviation excel in this. However, we are also able to go to the other end of the spectrum and actually charter airliners, the likes of which we are all familiar with in commercial scheduled flights. This is convenient for larger groups, and can appeal to some of our charter groups, such as private organisations, governments and the entourages of VIPs.

While the the sheer size of airliners may resemble commercial flights externally, the interiors are often tailored to create luxury environments, more reminiscent of five-star boutique hotels, with bars, restaurant facilities and extensive multi-media set-ups. Some even incorporate keep-fit facilities, and can house a working office to accommodate multiple employees.


Dunhill Aviation charters and excels on a grand scale too.

The Dunhill Aviation Fleet incorporates the following Global jets, amongst others: Airbus A319/A320/A330 VIP and Passenger, Boeing 737/767/777/787 VIP and Passenger, and Embraer Lineage VIP.

To discuss the global fleet Dunhill Aviation have access to, simply fill in the form on the ENQUIRE page or email

Find out what the Dunhill Difference means to you. 

Dunhill Aviation is in no way limited by the scope and reach of the aircraft for charter, at our disposal. We can either take a very specific request for a private jet, plane, helicopter or turboprop, or will evaluate your journey and schedule, advising and recommending based on your needs. 

While there is a vast choice, in terms of size, capacity and luxury of aircraft in its most simple form, we offer access to planes and other airborne vehicles of every dimension. Our reach is truly global, and we can search across continents to find the right aircraft, with our trusted partners, which will always be fully regulated for safety and compliance.


Put us to the test: let Dunhill Aviation take you where you need to be, in comfort and style.  

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